Lookbook – Summer-y Denim

Hello dear readers! It’s been a while since! I really missed blogging at OhSoPetite. Been busy with work and with my other blog, but here I am now excited to share my yet another outfit I am happy wearing.

OhSoPetite Denim Summery 3


We’ve been to a worship conference entitled Let’s Talk About Worship and was so blessed that I attended such convention-very light and refreshing. Outside the stadium, there are street vendors selling this potato chips on stick. Isn’t amazing how this thinly chopped and crispy potato chips can be presented on stick?

Hope you are having a very nice time today. How’s your week going?

Reminiscing my Prom Night with Prom Dresses

Prom Night season..

Oh how I reminisce how I look that night, and how everybody seem to look very dazzling.. That first dance and my dance with my crush. Those memories that are priceless.

Days or even weeks before your prom night, It is every girl’s dilemma is her on that special night. Oh! Maybe your friend has bought her dress and it is magnificent.
You wish that your dress would be as or more awesome than hers. But finding that beautiful and fitting dress is not a walk in the park, I know.. That entails going to every boutique in your town and probably fit some dresses but at the end of the day, you are still frustrated that you haven’t found that dress you picture out in your mind..

That is tiresome and frustrating.. Good thing that you can find prom dresses online where there are varied colors, style, length that you can choose from.

When I found PickedDresses.com, i played that if I will attend a prom this weekend, what are the dresses that I will be excited to wear? I created my list below and explained why.

Short Dresses
Selecting short dress for petite body frame like mine is very tricky. Of course you want to look as a beautiful and elegant woman on your prom night and not as a little flower girl.

Here is my  selected short prom dresses with mature color and exquisite design.

PickedDresses Short Prom Dresses PickedDresses Short Prom Dresses

Long Dresses

Selecting a long dress for petite body frame is difficult, as well. You have to make sure that you will not look short on your dress and you are not overwhelmed by the dress.

PickedDresses Long Prom Dresses
Long dress cuts that are pro-petite frames are Trumpet cuts, Cut out and Empire Cut. Trumpet cuts (first picture) accentuates the curves of a woman and at the same time elongates her silhouette. A midrif cut out dress (second) is so daring because of some flesh revealed but at the same time elegant because of the black and gold color pattern plus it creates a long silhouette for the wearer. Empire cut (third) creates an illusion of high waist line and long legged frame.

You can see more of these beautiful long and short prom dresses at Pickedresses.

Have you already picked your prom dresses or just have one in mind? Comment below your picture of your perfect prom dresses and why did you chose it?

Lookbook – Wear it Long and High

Merry Christmas my all dears!

Merry Christmas

I am indeed blessed for this year have been so fruitful and wonderful! Thank You Lord Jesus! This Christmas season, a line from one Christmas song that says “..and man will live forever because of Christmas day!” always flash on my mind! And indeed, we are forgiven, redeemed and saved because of the birth and resurrection of Jesus!

Here is an outfit I wore in our office Christmas party! Another effortlessly elegant piece is added on my favorite – long skirt with a high slit! Isn’t so elegant?

Sleek Party Outfit

Sleek Party Outfit

It became my fascination now to take a shoe selfie, and it is a challenge for me to shoot a unique and creative one! So glad that this shoes is so beautiful!

Again, Happy Holidays my all dears and may you enjoy this season with your loved ones!

Lookbook – Romper

I know girls, you would want an elegant and comfortable clothes during dates. Me and Kevin went to a short Yatch Cruise in Manila Bay, and i assume already that it will be very windy. I am glad I found this very elegant colored romper. I just came from fever and colds before we went unto this date so I am not in the mood of wearing too much fancy clothes.. The romper really looks good and really comfortable, and I do not have to worry that my skirt will be blown by the wind and my undergarments will be publicly displayed. Haha.

By the way, I have set up a new blog that will serve as a date diary with Kevin. The detail of our Manila Bay Yatch Cruise will be found there. Hope you will also visit my other blog – loversinthecity.com.

Royal Blue Romper
I am sorry to the dark feet part. My feet is not really that dark, maybe lightning on that part is not that good when Kevin shoot this picture.

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DIY – Faded Denim To New Looking

Howdy my all dears! I am back. I enrolled in a graduate study last August and I found my course requirement very overwhelming. That is why I have not updated you and this blog for almost three months. But now, I am back on track! Here is an interesting come back post Do-It-Yourself post about how to turn your denim to new looking. Enjoy!

DIY Dye Denim

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Lookbook – Rust and Mustard

When you came to a moment that you do not know what to wear, it is the best opportunity to come up with new and never tried combination!
Not Your Ordinary Girl

Rust and Mustard

Hope you all have a great holiday today!

Globe Tatt Awards 2014

The Undefeated Online Marvels Take the Spotlight at Globe Tatt Awards 2014

Manila, Philippines- Held at the SMX Convention Center last August 8, 2014, this year’s Tatt Awards recognized the masters of reinvention with their strong social media presence that shaped the online world. From witty tweets to powerful blog entries and video posts, Tatt Awards heralds greatness online in 12 varying categories. With the guidance of 9 influential individuals making up the Tatt Council, alongside public that have voted online, Tatt Awards 2k14 finally place the spotlight on the following big winners:

Kimpoy Feliciano for The One

JaMich for YouTube Phenom Of The Year

Patrick Dee for Instagram Phenom Of The Year

Globe Tatt Awards 2014

Patrick Dee for Instagram Phenom Of The Year with Jim Paredes and Globe’s Gilbert Simpao

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Teleportation: Travel Space in no Time

What would you do if every morning without fail, your bank called to say that 86,400 pesos had been credited to your account? But no balance could be carried over the next day; whatever sum that was not spent could not be saved. Would you use every penny every day? Maybe, the answer in the back of your mind right now is “Syempre naman, sayang!”

Well, that is exactly the case with our time. Every night, when the clock reached 12:00am, 86,400 seconds are deposited in our account. It is ours to do if we will use them or lose them. We can’t save time; we can only spend it. Me, I want to spend it wisely by budgeting my time to different responsibilities and priorities.

This is the principle that I am always pondering every morning. I enthusiastically start my day by committing myself to spend each second with God, self, family, work, hobbies and friends. But there comes circumstances that are inevitable and beyond control that can ruin your plans and even your day; heavy traffic, no more jeep or taxi available to ride on, crowd of commuters, bad weather. I always wish that I can travel from our house to other place in no time like Teleportation.

Though only true in fiction stories, I want to unlock the skill of Teleportation so I can conserve time in commuting, and spend more time with significant things in my life. An hour travel to work can be used to extend my sleep; a thirty minute traffic can be directed to physically spend it with friends like talking them in person or inviting them for a coffee. My boyfriend lives in Cavite, and I live in Quezon City. We are three hours away. Recently, he was injured and cannot walk properly; I wished I can visit him in just a snap of a finger. Thank God he was okay now. But the next time I missed him, I’ll have a KIT KAT® Break and will instantly beside him and take care of him.

Kevin the Commuter

This is Kevin, my boyfriend. He travels 2.5 hours average everyday to go to work. And he travels three hours to see me. I bet, he needs a KitKat Break too.

KitKat Break Movement

Disclaimer: This is a contest entry on Nuffnang’s #KITKATBreakMovement.