Teleportation: Travel Space in no Time

What would you do if every morning without fail, your bank called to say that 86,400 pesos had been credited to your account? But no balance could be carried over the next day; whatever sum that was not spent could not be saved. Would you use every penny every day? Maybe, the answer in the back of your mind right now is “Syempre naman, sayang!”

Well, that is exactly the case with our time. Every night, when the clock reached 12:00am, 86,400 seconds are deposited in our account. It is ours to do if we will use them or lose them. We can’t save time; we can only spend it. Me, I want to spend it wisely by budgeting my time to different responsibilities and priorities.

This is the principle that I am always pondering every morning. I enthusiastically start my day by committing myself to spend each second with God, self, family, work, hobbies and friends. But there comes circumstances that are inevitable and beyond control that can ruin your plans and even your day; heavy traffic, no more jeep or taxi available to ride on, crowd of commuters, bad weather. I always wish that I can travel from our house to other place in no time like Teleportation.

Though only true in fiction stories, I want to unlock the skill of Teleportation so I can conserve time in commuting, and spend more time with significant things in my life. An hour travel to work can be used to extend my sleep; a thirty minute traffic can be directed to physically spend it with friends like talking them in person or inviting them for a coffee. My boyfriend lives in Cavite, and I live in Quezon City. We are three hours away. Recently, he was injured and cannot walk properly; I wished I can visit him in just a snap of a finger. Thank God he was okay now. But the next time I missed him, I’ll have a KIT KAT® Break and will instantly beside him and take care of him.

Kevin the Commuter

This is Kevin, my boyfriend. He travels 2.5 hours average everyday to go to work. And he travels three hours to see me. I bet, he needs a KitKat Break too.

KitKat Break Movement

Disclaimer: This is a contest entry on Nuffnang’s #KITKATBreakMovement.

Wearing Earphone while Commuting is Dangerous

Wearing Earphone while Commuting is Dangerous

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I admit, I am a music lover. And whenever I have time, bored or even while doing something, I put my earphone on and listen to my Spotify playlist or Ptr. John Piper’s commentary on Sound Cloud. Our love for music has become a lifestyle that also turned out to be an inseparable daily routine for us. If you look around, you can see people taking a walk, driving, crossing the streets, strolling the mall, or even hanging with friends with their earphones plugged on their ears.

Earphones are good. It is small, lightweight and gives you the opportunity to listen to music, radio, watch movies on your smart phones or ipod without interrupting people around you.  It also blocks sounds around you so you cannot be bothered by sound around and makes you feel disconnected from your surroundings. Big, bold and branded headphones have become a fashion statement now, so people really feel cool wearing it outside.

This morning, I rode a jeepney going to work. In Philippines, jeepney passengers have to pass on the fare of a person beside him/her until it reaches the driver. There is this one girl who nonchalantly hand out her fare to the jeepney driver without even telling where will she be going. The driver kept asking the passengers because the girl gave 100peso bill which needs change. At first, I didn’t notice that it was her. The man beside her tapped and asked her,  she then replied with a small soft voice that nearly couldn’t hear. I realized that she’s wearing an earphone and very occupied.

I realized with that incident the disadvantage of wearing earphone outside or while commuting. Yes, it helps us survive our boredom, but the danger  and nuisance it brings to you and other people out weights your selfish desire for entertainment. The following are I have thought of. You can freely add the cons of wearing earphone thru the comment box below.  Meanwhile, this is Why I will not wear earphone while commuting?

  1. Prone to Accidents – Since earphone pacifies the external sounds (of course aside from the extreme sound honks of trucks or sirens), you will not be aware of the people, vehicles or the situation around you.  You won’t be aware of the emergency vehicles or warning honks of the vehicles. I have read many news that pedestrians were hit by a vehicle because they crossed the streets while not observing or even hear approaching vehicles. Wearing earphone while commuting is DANGEROUS.
  2. Insensitive to People and Surroundings – When someone talks to you, you will either ask them to reiterate it several times. And when you respond, it is either you respond quietly or loudly, because you cannot hear your voice. And like after the writer of this article got a bike accident after intentionally avoiding an earphone-deaf-pedestrian, the pedestrian was not aware what happened or what harm have he caused to others.
  3. Thread of Hearing Loss – Because of the noises outside especially vehicle honks and sirens, you tend to put your music into high volume. Yes, you can hear the sound clearly yet you do not know the damage it creates to your ear. According to this medical write up, “if you can’t hear anything going on around you when listening to headphones, the decibel (sound intensity) level is too high.” MP3s can produce 120 decibels.  And quoting from this site, Noise-induced hearing loss can result from a one-time exposure to a very loud sound (at or above 120 decibels), blast, impulse, or by listening to loud sounds (at or above 85 decibels) over an extended period.

Hope you use your earphones with care! Happy Monday!

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Lookbook – Peter Pan Collar

And how I learned to love my office uniform!

Hello Everyone! Today is Philippine’s 116th Independence day! And I am glad that today is declared holiday, and as of time of writing, I am here on my room, taking some rest while writing this blog post. Oh, how I love rest days!

Peter Pan Stripes and Tights

Let me just share an outfit I wore last Friday! As I have told you before, we have a prescribed uniform everyday aside Friday. At first, I was really resistant in wearing our uniform because it is like giving up my beautiful clothes. Personally, as time goes on, I learned to love my office uniform. Here are my reflections on the benefits of having a uniform for workplace:

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Lookbook – Glittery Girly

Good day everyone! Let me share a nostalgic outfit just before the month of May ends. Few months ago, I watched Frozen and like any child at heart girls, I want to be or look like Elsa. Her very beautiful side braided hair and her ice fairy gown are so marvelous. But then, I am a 22 year old fully grown woman now, and (I admit) it is not appropriate for me to wear such. Haha. Anyway, I browsed through my wardrobe and found this cute glittery girly combination as an Elsa inspired outfit. Hope you liked it!

Glittery Girly - Satin Jacket, Ruffle Skirt and Starry Studded Shoes

Glittery Girly - Satin Jacket, Ruffle Skirt and Starry Studded Shoes

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Lookbook – Lazy Saturday

Most of the time, I am a lazy Saturday outfitter. If you may observe with my outfit posts on my blog, even not on Saturdays, I usually wear a white top and a printed or busy bottom. This is the easiest trick for me to look effortlessly composed. My closet is full of white tops, long tops and even dresses because 1) white is one of my favorite color 2) wearing white makes me feel clean and presentable 3) white items is easy to match with other colors and pieces. It is a bonus that the tank top I am wearing from ArtWork on this post has a creative and bold statement of a zombie hippie frog.

Lazy Sunday - Artwork Shirt by OhSoPetiteIsn’t the Zombie frog so cute on my top?

Outfit Details: Frog White Top (Artwork), Sling Bag (Venetto), Shorts (DIYed), Flats (Marikina Made shoes)

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Happy Girls are the Prettiest

I am a deliberate kind of person. I have this habit of keeping a record of my to-do list every morning. Even in blogging, I have this specific set of clothes in mind to wear before asking my dear boyfriend/photographer to take photos for my Look book.  I want things keenly attended and planned to. But the photos below are unplanned but gave me a very good realizations. I do not like my office uniform, but it was just me. But I am thankful that I have a work and I have a working uniform. One Thursday afternoon in our office, I just asked my boyfriend to take photos of me not expecting that my look would be a blog-post or even Instagram worthy. I gazed at the result picture on my phone and  seen how happy, carefree and bright I look. I realized that the radiance of a person does not come from the fancy things she wear outside but thing that is oozing from within.  Being beautiful outside came from a beautiful soul. A soul that is not worrying, grudging nor angry. A soul that is at peace and care-free. As the most quoted line of Audrey Hepburn, “Happy girls are the prettiest!”

Happy Girls are the Prettiest
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DIY – How to Tie a Skinny Tie into a Neck Bow

Have you experienced looking at the mirror and asking yourself “What’s lacking in my outfit?” Like it seems dull or needs a little “oohhmmpp.” Several times, I’ve been to that kind of situation and believe me, it is taxing. Choosing or even looking for the right accessories from your closet, or changing clothes took more time. This will make you even late to your office time. The following tutorial is one of my favorite morning savers for work especially when accentuating stiff and formal corporate outfits.  Here is  a one creative way on How to Tie a Skinny Tie into a Neck Bow. How to Tie a Skinny Tie into a Neck BowWhen you feel like your outfit is lacking something, what do you do? Share your ideas!