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It is so heartwarming to witness your friends ascending to their next calling in their lives – one of is witnessing them getting married and building their own families.

Last Sunday, I witnessed the wedding ceremony of my dear friend. It happens that attendees get touched, and cried and feel inspired especially when you see that the couple really found true love.

By the way, may I share a funny coincident regarding what I wore that day. I am not a bridesmaid, flower girl or a part of the entourage of the wedding ceremony. But I found out that my royal blue dress is the same with the color motif. So organizers has mistaken me a part of the entourage.

Royal Blue Dress for Garden Wedding

Royal Blue Dress for Garden Wedding

Royal Blue Dress for Garden WeddingThe cons of being a petite is like average size shirts fits as dress to you, but the same way, the advantage is you save money. You can rock an ordinary top or long top as dresses.  My dress is designed as a loose top for plus size women. But thank God to the power of belt to make it fit and sophisticated. I added a beaded long necklace as a belt also to accentuate it.

How about you my dear readers, what do you do to rock an average size piece and look good on you?

May you all have a blessed week ahead.

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  1. it’s an awesome post. i like reading it. thanks.

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